Meet the Artist

The Artist behind

Hello! My name is Nina Gerganova. I am glad that I can show you my website Trezar where you can see my painted silk. I say "my" because everyone felt the beauty of the world around him through his heart, transforms her on her own and gives in their creations a kind of color.

I paint in my silk with love and imagination. Always imagining a moment when the colors start to blend together and make incredible magic. I do not like to repeat designs. Each pattern on silk should be unique, not to be repeated, as each one of us is unique and unrepeatable.
Once painted, silk becomes something not only beautiful, but also a useful scarf, bag, tie, and necklace. Something to please the person who wears it.

I am happy when customers are looking for me again. Excited at new meetings. I roll up my sleeves when small or large companies trust me and I receive a large order. The most important thing is that painting is my need, which I enjoy. And when you put your soul when you work, things become magical.

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